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Our identity

TopTeam World is a consulting firm specialized in offering high value and creative coaching and mentoring services to the executive management of private and public organizations with a specific focus on strategy implementation including business development, operational excellence, leadership brand and top team effectiveness.

Gilles Gambade is the managing partner of TopTeam World. He is a founding member and the present president of the Hellenic Coaching Association, affiliated to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council as well as President of the Leadership Coaching Network in Greece. He is also associate partner at Leaders Excellence Partners in France and at Unlimited Potential LTD in U.K.

We adhere to the EMCC professional charter and to the code of Ethics for our Mentoring and Coaching practice.

The Business case of Coaching and Mentoring

Formulating strategy is a difficult task, but making strategy work - executing or implementing it throughout the organization - is very often more difficult. This is the reason why in more than in 90% of cases strategy is partially or not at all executed (Fortune Magazine), failing to deliver the value expected by the shareholders.

The road to implement a coaching culture for the effective strategy execution is a day-to-day challenge, including:

  • Creating and managing inter-dependency and complementarity. This is the key challenge for the overall planning-execution-adapting process where the involvement and interaction of innovators, planners and doers is a must for achieving a successful strategy implementation. Creating and developing a leadership team combining these capabilities is a key challenge for the CEOs and executives.
  • Dealing with complexity. Time and continuous effort are required in order to align all elements of the organization, combining short-term results with the achievement of the long-term strategic objectives. The increase complexity of the working environment requires a continuous process for developing leaders.
  • Managing multiple stakeholders. Communication and strategy decoding play a key role in cascading the strategy at the lowest levels of the organization and across functions. Making the strategy actionable within a large organization with different business lines and geographical locations is a major challenge for the leaders.

The Key Success Factor for the successful implementation of a coaching culture is to manage business change as a leadership transformation involving all levels of the organisations, working on leadership and people engagement at all levels in order to develop employees wellbeing and ensure superior business performance. 

Coaching and mentoring are powerful approaches to help organizations and their leaders making an impact on their results.

Our Mission

We coach and mentor leaders to create value and meaning in their career, in their business and in their life.

Our Vision

We want to be a "driving force" in the area of coaching and mentoring making a "business and social impact" in the world.

The aim of TTW

We will ensure that the learning experience lived during our training programs will make you feel that you gain the most from your time and financial investment. Beyond the results for your practice of coaching or mentoring, we expect that our training programs will also help you understand yourself and your professional and personal environment better in order to apply a coaching approach in your day-to-day life: 

  • Am I fully present for the others?
  • Am I open and curious?
  • Am I open to not knowing?
  • Am I honoring the differences of others?
  • Am I open to other ways of looking at things?

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