Masters in Law (LLM Programme)
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Περιγραφή Προγράμματος

The LLM Programme is designed to provide an opportunity to students to develop and broaden their knowledge in the specified areas of law. To this end, the LLM Programme caters for a variety of individuals, ranging from recent law degree as well as non-law degree graduates who want to acquire specialist knowledge before embarking on their careers, to practicing lawyers and to people employed in the labour market who wish to complement their work with further specialised studies.

The educational aims of the LLM programme are the following:

To extend students' systematic understanding of the law and a critical awareness of current problems and/or research at the forefront of the subject areas of their choice;
To enhance students' intellectual, transferable and interpersonal skills as well as developing other postgraduate skills including independent research, the exercise of initiative and critical awareness of current problems;
To provide education that enhances students' prospects of professional, commercial, business or academic employment.
To provide a sound basis for the successful students' continuing education and development in law; and
To provide a supportive learning environment.

This programme is designed in such a way as to provide students with the opportunity:

To foster skills in the analysis of law related issues and to derive and implement effective responses to those issues;
To develop an understanding of the problems and the necessary skills required in planning and implementing solutions in different situations also by showing self-direction and originality in tackling and solving the problems at hand;
To demonstrate an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of a range of legal concepts, values and rules operating in the selected substantive areas;
To show an ability to systematically and critically evaluate as well as provide their own original thoughts in the research and the operation of substantive law within the chosen areas;
To demonstrate originality in the application of knowledge to complex and unpredictable situations and an ability to synthesise and inter-relate legal concepts;
To demonstrate an ability to formulate new ideas based on information that they have independently collated and critically evaluated;
To exercise initiative and personal responsibility as well as demonstrate an ability to make decisions; and
To demonstrate self-direction and act autonomously in planning, prioritising and implementing tasks.

The LLM programme is academically distinctive in combining:

novel fields of study such as E-Commerce, Data Protection, E-finance and Marine Insurance which are until now only empirically dealt within the Greek labour market;
research methods as an integral part of the programme;
extensive exposure to issues pertaining to both thorough understanding of the substantive areas of law and problem-solving techniques.

Κριτήρια Εισαγωγής

The normal admission requirements for the programme are as follows:

Academic Qualifications

The candidate should possess one of the following qualifications:

A good honours law degree (i.e. 2:2 or above) from a British University or its equivalent from a Greek or an overseas institution of higher education; or
A good honours degree (i.e. 2:2 or above) in a law related discipline from a British University or its equivalent from a Greek or an overseas institution of higher education.
A "Law related discipline" is a Degree directly related to the proposed LLM pathway. For example this would include:

Maritime - All Business Degrees, Maritime Studies Degrees, International Relations Degrees, International Trade Degrees and International Marketing degrees.

International - All Business degrees, International Relations Degrees and International Politics Degrees.

E-Commerce - Computer Science Degrees, Business Computing Degrees, Engineering Degrees, or

Qualified lawyers with appropriate work experience, or
Equivalent alternative qualification in conjunction with appropriate work experience.

Motivational Qualifications

The LLM Programme Tutor will look for a high degree of motivation on the applicant's part and will ensure that the candidates are fully aware of the implications of pursuing one of the LLM Programmes. In addition, the applicant will be informed of the strict conditions for the completion of the coursework, the exams and the dissertation.

Language Requirements

Candidates should have English language ability to a level, which will allow them to both contribute to and benefit from the LLM Programmes. For non-native English speakers, a TOEFL score of 550/213 or equivalent is required.

The overriding criterion for admission to the LLM is that applicants must have the academic and motivational ability to attain Master's degree standard. The LLM Programme Tutor in collaboration with other members of staff team will arrange interviews as appropriate prior to admission.

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Masters in Law

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Διάρκεια Φοίτησης:
The programme is offered in full-time (12 months) or part-time (24 months), during weekdays, and will lead to the award of the LLM degree of the University of Hertfordshire.