Master of Science in Organisational Psychology
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Περιγραφή Προγράμματος

Following the trends of other European countries, Greece too is moving towards improved provisions for the advancement, protection and maintenance of the physical, mental and social well-being of the individual both in and outside the workplace. As a reflection of this, young people are seeking a degree with validity in the market, recognised by academic and professional institutions for high academic standards and competitiveness, seeking a balance between business needs and personal needs. Consequently, the demand for highly specialised professionals in a variety of settings is increasing and Organisational Psychology is among the specialties that are becoming progressively popular.

Why study for an MSc in Organisational Psychology?
The MSc in Organizational Psychology is targeted towards business or psychology graduates who are wishing to continue their studies after completing their first degree. The programme is also suitable for professionals interested in further postgraduate education and specialised knowledge. During their studies, students will acquire the psychological knowledge and skills that have been fundamental for most current models of human resource management and, upon completion of their degree, will be able to apply this knowledge to any work setting. Holders of this degree will be in a position to compete for high-profile positions in the industry or work as freelance consultants for companies and organisations.

Aims of the Programme
This programme aims at students developing:
A systematic understanding of knowledge and a critical awareness of current problems at the forefront of occupational psychology
A comprehensive understanding of techniques applicable to their own future work in organisational settings
A range of social, organisational and consulting skills to facilitate their performance at the forefront of professional practice in the areas of organisational psychology
Originality in the application of knowledge via the development of practical application skills in the areas of organisational psychology

Competitive Advantages
The MSc in Organisational Psychology is academically distinctive because:
The awarded degree is ranked among the top psychology degrees in the UK.
Our staff have extensive experience in teaching and are actively engaged in significant research in Greece and abroad.
There is a strong emphasis on application of theory to practice
There is a strong link with the industry and the dissertations are conducted in real work environments

Κριτήρια Εισαγωγής

The normal entry requirements for the programme are
A Psychology or Business degree
English Language qualification
An interview with the Programme Tutor
Work experience is preferable.

Πρόσθετες Πληροφορίες

Τίτλος που θα λάβω με τη λήξη των σπουδών:
Master of Science

Τρόπος Φοίτησης:
Πλήρους Φοίτησης
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Διάρκεια Φοίτησης:
The programme is available either in full-time (1 year) or weekend mode (18 months) and is delivered exclusively in English.
The weekend mode runs on Saturdays and Sundays every other weekend of the month. Each 15-credit module runs for two weekends. Each 30-credit module runs for 4 weekends.