EU Business School

EU Business School

Προφίλ Εκπαιδευτικού Οργανισμού

EU Business School

General info: main campuses, accreditations and rankings:
Established in 1973, EU Business School (EU) is an accredited, multi-campus, international business school, delivering comprehensive business education in a global learning environment. EU has a global network with main campuses in Geneva, Montreux, Barcelona and Munich. Transfers between campuses are easily attainable and students are encouraged to make the most of such opportunities. EU is a top-ranked school that features in the QS Top MBA list 2012 as well as the CEO Magazine’s 2015 MBA and global online rankings. EU Business School offers innovative programs in a variety of majors. Furthermore, EU delivers degree programs in collaboration with the University of Derby and the University of Roehampton, both located in the UK. These partnerships allow students to obtain a UK state-accredited degree in addition to their EU qualification. An agreement with Pace University in the USA gives students the opportunity to complete two semesters in New York City and graduate with two degrees from two continents.

EU provides 3-year Bachelor’s and 1-year Master of Business Administration (BBA & MBA) programs with more than 10 different majors.

Bachelor’s programs (BBA):

  • Business Administration (BBA)
  • Communication & Public Relations
  • Leisure & Tourism Management
  • International Relations
  • Sports Management
  • Business Finance
  • Digital Media Management
  • Sustainability Management
  • Design Management
  • Family Business

MBA programs:

  • International Business
  • Communication & Public Relations
  • International Marketing
  • Global Banking & Finance
  • Leisure & Tourism Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • E-Business
  • Sports Management
  • Human Resources Management