BSc in Psychology
Neapolis University Pafos

Neapolis University Pafos

Περιγραφή Προγράμματος

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology Programme focuses on the study of individuals and groups, including their behaviours, thought processes, and emotions. It seeks to provide students with an understanding of the cognitive and affective processes that underlie human experience and behaviour; of the techniques by which behaviours are evaluated and modified and of the application of theoretical principles to solve behavioural problems. The general objective of the Bachelor of Science in Psychology Programme is to enhance understanding of behavior and mental processes and to examine their connections to the fields of biology and the social sciences. This general objective is translated into specific objectives that concern the understanding of

  • scientific methodology,
  • the current state of psychological knowledge, and
  • the application of both methodology and knowledge to real-world problems and events

A Unique Approach with Competitive Learning Outcomes
Upon graduation students will have acquired an in-depth understanding of fundamental psychological principles and theories over a wide span of human activities. This will give students the knowledge and practical skills to begin their careers, as entry level psychologists in jobs, which require insight and understanding of behaviour principles. These include: (but are not limited to) advertizing, public relations, market research and analysis, communication and management consulting.

Πρόσθετες Πληροφορίες

School of Health Sciences

Τίτλος που θα λάβω με τη λήξη των σπουδών:
Bachelor of Science

Τρόπος Φοίτησης:
Πλήρους Φοίτησης

Διάρκεια Φοίτησης:
4 years

Έναρξη Μαθημάτων: