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If you believe business is not just something that happens in offices, but something that pervades day-to-day reality, from managing a successful trade mark to giving micro-loans to those who need them most; if you believe the point of working in business is to change the world around us… Welcome to IE University’s Bachelor in Business Administration, the degree that enables you to go where you want to go in the business world.

IE Business School educates professionals, with the aim of enhancing their value in the business world and society in general. The learning method turns the theoretical into the practical. We regularly use case studies, business management simulations and real-life case discussions as learning tools in all our classrooms.

Our curriculum is both comprehensive and flexible. We take into account that IE graduates may in the future work in areas or industries which currently don’t even exist. We prepare our students to tackle any business challenge and take advantage of opportunities, with options to study in specialized or generalist tracks, or even to double major.

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Κριτήρια Εισαγωγής

Students are required to have completed their high school education before enrolling at IE University. In addition, they are required to take either the IE University admissions test, SAT, ACT or the CAS. For more information please visit our admissions page on

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