American College of Thessaloniki - Anatolia College

Προφίλ Εκπαιδευτικού Οργανισμού

The American College of Thessaloniki, a division of Anatolia, offers undergraduate and graduate programs of study characterized by reasoned and open inquiry, acquisition of the breadth and depth of knowledge associated with traditional university curricula, and achievement of the highest possible standards in student-centered teaching and faculty scholarship, with emphasis on individual growth. Through its educational, cultural, professional, and service activities, ACT seeks to contribute actively to the wider communities of Greece and Southeast Europe as well as to enhance understanding and friendship between the peoples of the United States and Greece.

Στοιχεία Επικοινωνίας

The American College of Thessaloniki and Anatolia College
P.O. BOX 21021
55510 Pylea
Thessaloniki, Greece